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Magdalena Down

chohatsu suru hako - the box that provokes

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10 May 1985
I like Boba Fett and I cannot lie, you other sisters can't deny that when a hunter walks in with a jetpack waist and a big gun in your face you get horny.

But seriously.

I'm a college student and a comic book artist currently involved in the research and production stages of several of my own projects. I love to talk shop. I'm fascinated by the details of biological warfare, and I'm just intellectual enough to skirt the edges of downright crazy. I enjoy deep conversations with people that aren't so stuck-up +/or afraid to allow a little humor and crazy talk, from web-shooting boobies to human population laws. I despise wet socks, and ill-founded arguments, as well as people who use stereotypes as crutches to avoid the effort of understanding people. I believe we are membranes of physical encasing membranes of emotional encased by a membrane of our relevant environmental influence. We are amoebic. I believe communication can help solve many of our problems, but also believe in the inherent power of action when necessary. I dislike people who bemoan problems but never take the action to correct them - whether this be in life, in society, or in political/environmental issues. I'm a language geek, and a Recycle-nazi - I can't pass by something that can be recycled without putting it where it needs to go, even if that's temporarily in my pockets. I am not a femnazi. I am, however, a feminist in practice. I've traveled extensively, but I'm most at home in a small circle of friends. If I'm anything, I think you would call me Mahayana Buddhist, but I'm more spiritual than religious. I have special fondness for Catholic saints and pre-renaissance iconography. I can never learn enough. I want to build a spaceship called the Shannon Wilson Bell, but I need a crew and someone who can make a decent cappaccino. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy midnights. I enjoy coffee at midnight. I enjoy martial arts...but am definately no master, unfortunately just a practioner of many. I want to change that. I can change easily from fairly introspective and comfortable with my aloneness to adapting to new people and new conversation. I love good conversation.

Oh yeah. And sometimes I talk too much. ^_^;

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